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Write Down the Dates of Our Events Held in 2024!

Choose the events you want to attend this year and save the dates! There are plenty to choose from. Thank you for your visits last year. Thanks to you, we are the largest and most successful modern fairground in the Czech Republic. You can also download the 2024 calendar of events as a PDF file HERE.

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The FOR DECOR & HOME trade fair

The contracting fair of decorations, home and kitchen accessories and gift goods will take place in the new period from 19 to 21 January 2023. The spring fair FOR DECOR & HOME will present novelties especially for the spring and summer season of next year, there will also be new collections for Christmas 2023. The fair will provide the opportunity for a personal meeting of traders and manufacturers from the Czech Republic and abroad and acquaintance with products from designers, family factories with a long tradition and from major global brands. Major exhibitors not only from the Czech Republic, leading importers and manufacturers of decorations will appear among the exhibitors. New collections of gift items from many major companies will also be presented. Exhibitors can register for the fair now as well.

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Fairs are coming up. Good news for exhibitors and visitors

Exhibitions and trade fairs experienced a very special year, when they were among the first to be completely closed and the strictest rules applied to them, when it came to short and partial release. The current weakening of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic in recent weeks has also brought news of the gradual opening of segments of the economy, sports or social life. And the first good news already concerns the trade fair sector.

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We invite all companies from the field of decorations and gifts to participate in the FOR DECOR & HOME contract-oriented fair. You can send your applications until 31 October 2019, which is the deadline for the best prices for the exhibition area and interesting location. The event will take place in central exhibition hall 2 with the participation of the most significant companies in the field, from producers, wholesalers and exclusive importers

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FOR DECOR & HOME autumn edition _ FACT & FIGURES

Dear exhibitors, media partners, florists and accompanying program makers, let us express many thanks for your active form of participation in this edition of the FOR DECOR & HOME.  According to current indicators and information of many participating companies, was this edition of fair successful. Date for next spring edition of fair FOR DECOR & HOME is January 16 - 18, 2020. Many of the main exhibitors has already registered for these spring edition of the fair. 


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FOR DECOR & HOME_Winter is comming and producers present the news for next Christmas edition!

Christmas decorations, christmas adornments, candles, candlesticks, flowers, plants, artificial flowers, home textiles, carpets, dishes, jars, cutlery, glass, ceramics, porcelain, fountains, humidifiers & air cleaners, souvenirs, talismans and any other more at the FOR DECOR & HOME autumn Edition 2019. Check the pictures from this edition of show here 

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Festive table decorations are the pride of every home, which is why they are a perfect addition to the home decoration trade fair.  For the very first time all the fans of floral design and decorating will be treated to a featured exhibition and demonstrations, taking place at display stand no. 2C05 in Exhibition Hall No. 2. Organised by NASTROM, the exhibition will focus on decorating a festive table for various occasions. 

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The autumn FOR DECOR & HOME trade fair will also include the influential CHRISTMAS TRENDS 2019 design show which will delight the visitors for the entire duration of the event. This year it will be co-authored by a truly international team of floral designers who will create Christmas-themed displays in four display booths full of vivid colours. The individual displays will feature different takes on Christmas, for example showcasing classic ......... 

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The FOR DECOR & HOME trade fair is associated particularly with Christmas, and Christmas is associated particularly with Christmas decorations.  This is the main link between the professional trade fair for decorations and giftware, and the talk by designer Iva Bastlová on “the Process of Designing Christmas Decorations”.  An attractive topic for fans of decorations as well as for the exhibitors, this talk will be organised by a long-established Christmas decoration manufacturer IRISA in Conference Room No. 1 in the Entrance Hall I. Demonstrations and an expert talk on this topic will be held on Thursday 5 September at noon. Whether you are a professional visitor or a journalist, we would like to invite you to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and gain some new information, practical tips, and inspiration.

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The preparations for the FOR DECOR & HOME 2019 trade fair are in full swing!

Most of the czech prominent and regular exhibitors of the autumn trade fair FOR DECOR & HOME have already booked their exhibition space and are planning a specific form of their exhibitions.

For traders comming to this specialized event from all over the Czech Republic, there will be innovations, comprehensive corporate collections and facilities for the conclusion of the PRE-CHRISTMAS CONTRACT.

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The 1st deadline for the lease of the exhibition area at preferential prices is approaching!

Until the 15th April you can get your exhibition area at preferential prices! Apply now, choose your placement and save your money! The next edition of FOR DECOR & HOME trade fair will be held on 5-7  September 2019 and you should be part of this show! For more details please inform or click on the: "FOR EXHIBITORS".

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First day of spring session of FOR DEDOR and Home 2019 trade fair on pictures

See the pictures gallery from the first day of the first day of spring session of FOR DEDOR & HOME 2019 trade fair. 

We would like to express many thanks to all exhibitors, visitors and partners for great cooperation at the FOR DECOR & HOME spring event.

The contracting trade fair saw an increase of important indicators compared to last spring.

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FOR DECOR AND HOME 2019 (spring sesion) - STATISTICS

We would like to express many thanks to all exhibitors, visitors and partners for great cooperation at the FOR DECOR & HOME spring event.

The contracting trade fair saw an increase of important indicators compared to last spring.

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ABF, a.s. against the activities of fraudulent companies

ABF, a.s. distances itself from the practices of the International Fairs Directory, Expo Guide, MULPOR Company S.A., FAIR Guide, and Construct Data, which offer the publication of corporate data in the online catalog of trade fairs and exhibitors. Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR 1200 per year.

Furthermore, ABF, a.s. declares that it has never granted the aforementioned companies permission to use or promote the protected names or trade fairs organized by ABF, a. s. and to address individual exhibitors on behalf of the organizer of the fair.

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Video report from the previous edition of DECOR and HOME 2017

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Plan of exhibition area

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