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The FOR DECOR & HOME fair was ceremonially opened

On Thursday 19 January has launched the 3rd FOR DECOR & HOME fair.



Visitors will see, in addition to the presentation of more than 50 companies with seasonal goods, the installation of spring and Valentine's trends, competition for the best bridal bouquet or exhibition of trends in the decorative treatment of walls.





The Fair will last until Saturday, 21 January. Every day is open 10 to 18 hours.



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We invite all businesspersons, professionals and experts from the sector of decorations, glass, home and kitchen accessories, as well as giftware, to visit THE ONLY SPECIALISED TRADE FAIR WITH A CONTRACT MAKING FOCUS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC. Renowned exhibitors prepare impressive expositions, this time with an offer of spring goods. Nevertheless, also those who love decorations are sure to find a lot of interesting things there and to draw new inspiration and obtain contacts to e-shops of exhibitors, but many firms prepare direct sale as well.



The trade fair will be held in the Exhibition Hall no. 2, which is to light up with spring colours and to offer MANY INNOVATIONS AS WELL AS EXHIBITORS PRESENTING THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THIS TRADE FAIR


The spring atmosphere will be intensified by the PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPANYING PROGRAMME:  The floristic competition known as THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING BOUQUET is prepared by the ProfiFlorista magazine, and THE SPRING TRENDS by way of the design overview of feasting will be presented to you by the FLORISTIKA magazine.


Please come and order new spring goods for your shops, get inspired by interesting ideas for both Easter and Saint Valentine’s Day decorations, find important contacts. The FOR DECOR & HOME Trade Fair is looking forward to welcoming you. It is an event which will make you satisfied, whether you are businesspersons, experts or demanding visitors.


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THE APPLICATION FORMS FOR THE CONTRACT-ORIENTED TRADE FAIR FOR DECOR & HOME – SPRING 2017 – can be sent at the beginning of 2017 as well

Please use the trade fair NEWS concerning the business offer and presentation of your spring as well as all-year-round decorations, including various giftware. The only specialised trade fair in the Czech Republic - FOR DECOR & HOME with spring topics offers the last free places. With regard to the festive season at the end of the year, application forms will be accepted at the beginning of 2017 as well. You will find the application form – ORDER OF THE EXHIBITION AREA - in the section “FOR EXHIBITORS”. IN CASE OF YOUR INTEREST PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE AND CONTACT THE EVENT MANAGER BY PHONE OR BY MEANS OF AN E-MAIL ENQUIRY. The trade fair will be attended by renowned firms from the sector, especially manufacturers, exclusive importers and wholesalers. Do not hesitate to join them and come to present also your seasonal goods relating to EASTER, SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY AND INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY OR MOTHER’S DAY. Appropriate attention will be paid also to GARDEN AND ALL-YEAR-ROUND DECORATIONS, including the always more and more popular GIFTWARE. Both businesspersons and experts are invited to the trade fair in a purposeful way, nevertheless the event is frequently attended also by those who love beautiful interiors and who come to get inspired and to obtain contacts for e-shops. Direct sale is also possible at this event. The spring trade fair will come into blossom too - thanks to the professional accompanying programme: the competition of florists for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING BOUQUET and the design presentation of SPRING TRENDS will become the right spring decorations. Contact:

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The most important companies in the field of decorations and gifts are preparing their innovations and spring-themed expositions for premier of the contracting event with a spring theme. Trade Fair FOR DECOR & HOMESPRING 2017 introduces the assortment of spring seasonal goods associated with Easter, St. Valentines day, International Women’s day to merchants and professionals for the first time at the exhibition scene. Their beautiful exhibitions with a hint of spring lush and innovations will be presented by well known exhibitors such as PERAMIT, SIMONS TRADE, BKS DÉCOR, KOLOUCH IMPORT, DAKLS, AUTRONIC, NEW GARDEN and many others.

At the fair will dominate the spring offer, however you can be looking forward for perennial and garden decor, most searched gifts, some companies - mostly manufacturers- will already offer the actual Christmas collection for the year 2017. FOR DECOR&HOME with its spring premiere will certainly awaken the entrepreneurial inspiration on how to present spring season in this field in Czech republic for both exhibitors and professionals.

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Catalogue for traders

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We would like to thank all the exhibitors, participants in accompanying programs and media partners for participation in the fair FOR HOME & DECOR 2016. All participants were able to create professional contracting trade fair with an excellent atmosphere.

Balance of the fair shows an upward trend in all indicators. They occupied two exhibition halls, which involves 3,820 square meters of net exhibition space. The number of exhibitors increased to 126 and the number of visitors reached up to 7 742.

Most of the visitors were businessmen and professionals in the field. The prestige of the exhibition was supported by the expert accompanying program, which was on the highest level and with the participation of leading personalities.

Great interest received CHRISTMAS TRENDS in the new entrance hall II and popular Floristic competition ROSA PRAGENSIS which heightened perception of art right in the exhibition hall. Thank you all and we believe that for your professional presentation in 2017 you will again choose contracting trade fair of decorations and gifts in Letnany, newly in spring or autumn!

  • DATES FOR SPRING FAIR FOR HOME & DECOR : 19 – 21 Janurary 2017
  • DATES FOR AUTUMN FAIR FOR HOME & DECOR 7 - 9 September 2017 
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We present CHRISTMAS TRENDS 2016

At the FOR DECOR & HOME fair it was possible for its visitors to see the unique exhibition entitled CHRISTMAS TRENDS 2016. Four different styles were presented in four expositions, namely Christmas in Tones; In Gardens; I, the Forest - You, the Man; and Glamour of Ostentation.


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The FOR DECOR & HOME fair has been opened!

Just today has the contracting FOR DECOR & HOME fair started at the exhibition area PVA EXPO PRAGUE. The opening ceremony was attended by the CEO of ABF mr. Tomáš Kotrč; director of the business team mrs. Maria Wohlrabová; director of MM Media company and the founder of the ROSA PRAGENSIS competition mr. Miroslav Mokoš; florist and organizer of WEDDING TRENDS 2016  exhibition mr. Petr Sikora and by the top specialist in gifts wrapping mrs. Radka Křivánková.

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The FOR DECOR & HOME Trade Fair has completed the 1st closing term for exhibitors’ application forms, and already now it is possible to register an increased interest of firms in this unique contract-focused trade fair in the field of decorations and gift goods in the Czech Republic. The exhibition area planned for 2016 is occupied at a level of 75% and the indicator of the number of exhibitors has almost achieved the last year’s final number of exhibitors.  At this year’s event the firms will present their expositions in two exhibition halls no. 3 and 4 which are interconnected by means of the New Entrance Hall II.  

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Christmas Trends 2016

Within the framework of the Accompanying Specialised Programme it will be possible to see the first edition of the exposition entitled Christmas Trends 2016. Four separate stages will present an exhibition overview of carefully selected trendy products from a large number of the trade fair exhibitors and partners to the trade fair visitors. The main intent is to intermediate an unusual experience from topically designed expositions, their colour characteristics and combination of useful materials. It is a matter-of-course that a detailed description of the given trend will be provided.

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Plan of the exhibition area