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Video report from the previous edition of DECOR and HOME 2017

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Manufacturers, exclusive importers, wholesalers and family manufactories will be given the opportunity to make the spring and year-long contracts at the 5th annual trade fair of decorations and gifts at PVA EXPO LETNANY. The only specialized event in this field in the Czech Republic is the guarantee of business success and high quality presentation of novelties and trends. Take this opportunity to introduce your original products, spring collections and related services. The primary focus of the fair is on SPRING, GARDEN AND EASTERN DECORATION, VALENTINES DAY AND IWD. They have a strong place in the exhibition halls but also kitchen and home accessories, glass and ceramics and, last but not least, a variety of gift items.

There are already registered renowned companies that organize their professional expositions in the exhibition hall II.

We also invite you to attend an event that guarantees high attendance by traders and professionals from across the country. Business contracts, an attractive accompanying program, spring trends in leading florists and high-quality fairgrounds of the fairgrounds will all offer another year of popularity. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating.

1. CLOSING DEADLINE OF THE APPLICATION FOR THE PARTICIPATION IS 31 OCTOBER 2017, the application form can be found here

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Autumn fair DECOR and HOME ended with an increase of 13%

The HOME DECOR fair and its organizers thank all exhibitors, accompanying program participants and media partners for participating in this event. We also thank all dealers and experts who have come to order their Christmas and year-round items at the Exhibition Center in Letňany. The trade fair has again fulfilled its objective: to provide a contractor's background to the field, to inspire and present Christmas trends.

We recorded an increase in all key indicators. In two exhibition halls and in the new Entrance Hall II, its exquisite exposition of 142 exhibitors , an increase of 13% compared to the last year. The number of visitors increased to 7,904 and the net exhibition area to 3,925 m2.

Rising total number reaffirmed proper direction  in only specialized event in the Czech Republic for decorations and gifts.
In 2018 the fair will maintain the current concept: spring and autumn fairs

SPRING DATE FOR DECOR & HOME: 18-20 January 2018;

AUTUMN TIME FOR DECOR & HOME: 6th-8th September 2018. Both events will be primarily contract- oriented. Thank you and we look forward to another year with you.

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Again after one year, the trade fair visitors will have a possibility of seeing the design exhibition entitled CHRISTMAS TRENDS, presenting world innovations in the area of Christmas decorations. Leading Czech florists and designers will prepare four perfect expositions in the styles illustrating the idea of Christmas from various points of view. Already the actual names of the artistically designed expositions indicate that the visit to this event will bring a very pleasant experience. Please come to draw your inspiration for specific decoration of sales and social premises, homes as well as companies. JAN KARNET will prepare the exposition entitled A TOUR OF THE HISTORY, whose main intents will be discovering - travelling and heritage. COMING BACK TO ROOTS is the name of another area in the design by LUKÁŠ KOUŘIL, where you can feel the heat of the home atmosphere and natural concepts. To the ILLUMINATION spheres you will be transferred by MATŮŠ DANKO, where key roles are to be played by colours - design – illusion. And the visitors will not be missing expositions in the spirit of MYSTERIOUS JUNGLE by PETR SIKORA either, as an exhibition which is ostentatious - unusual - full of contrasts. You can visit the prestigious exhibition entitled CHRISTMAS TRENDS for the entire term of the trade fair.

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Dear buyers, please browse already in advance the PRODUCT CATALOGUE OF EXHIBITORS, WHOSE OFFER IS INTENDED JUST FOR YOU! Leading exhibitors have prepared WHOLESALE BONUSES AND DISCOUNTS for you in the follow-up only to the trade fair contracts, the overview of which you can find in the Catalogue.




Besides this important business information, the Catalogue includes also PHOTOGRAPHS OF INNOVATIONS and information about the current collections or about new business brands. Please select suitable tips for interesting goods for your shop already now, and you will find references to the FIRM AS WELL AS THE NUMBER OF ITS EXPOSITION at the trade fair in the Catalogue as well.

Almost 100 important firms which are to fill up two new exhibition halls with their beautiful and professional expositions are looking forward to your visit. Foreign exhibitors will be present at the event  too. A visit to the only specialised trade fair in this sector in the Czech Republic will be very useful for your business in the field of decorations and gifts.

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A pleasant accompanying programme will welcome visitors in the Exhibition Hall no. 4. Markéta Nagyová, a well-known and popular florist, will demonstrate, on the stage, illustrative presentations of arrangement of pot flowers intended for both residential and commercial interiors. The event name “AUTUMN EMBELLISHMENT OF POT FLOWERS” includes inspiring creation of decorations for embellishment of outdoor areas (such as terraces, balconies, window parapets, entrance areas) based on the flowers of Indian summer and upcoming autumn. You can see the floristic presentations on Thursday between 12:00 and 13:00 hours and on Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00 hours and from 13:00 to 14:00 hours. 

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The autumn trade fair FOR DECOR & HOME with the primary focus on Christmas deals offers the last vacancies. Also during the summer, you can report and consult your participation by 31 July, when the last closing date for entries is open. This is the only professional event in the Czech Republic, which creates a high quality platform for contracts and presentation of assortment and services. Two new exhibition halls offer the opportunity to participate in a proven event with a guarantee of high attendance by traders and experts. Take the opportunity to become a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler and exclusive importer. The international fairs BEAUTY and SBĚRATEL are running simultaneously. The accompanying program of the CHRISTMAS TRENDS will again increase the prestige of the event. Do not hesitate to contact us with the demand for stand design, location etc. We look forward to new and existing exhibitors, novelties and beautiful expositions.

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Natural Felt & Handmade Craft from Nepal

This year we are welcoming the exhibitors all the way from Nepal, who will present you their organic, eco-friendly, and completely felt products of your choices and designs. Primly located at Dhobighat-4 Lalitpur of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, it has been regularly producing, exporting and distributing dozens of felt products in a number of countries of the world.

They say ,, We have satisfied our beloved national and international clients by designing, exporting, and timely delivery of the demands in their respected places"

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2 Closing date for applications for participation in the contract-oriented trade fair of decorations, furnishings and kitchen accessories and gifts will be held on 31 May 2017. We invite you to present your products and services to a single specialized event of its kind in the Czech Republic focused primarily on contracting. Join also among the most renowned and leading companies in the industry and take advantage of the occasion for pre-Christmas contracts at an event that guarantees high attendance by traders and professionals. The fair will occupy two new exhibition halls including a prestigious accompanying program in Entrance Hall II. The whole exhibition center in Letňany will be filled with concurrent international fairs BEAUTY and SBĚRATEL (COLLECTOR). The FOR DECOR & HOME trade fair will increase the prestige of your business and become a business asset. The latest places of interest are available, please contact us.

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Already after the first closing of the applications to participation from exhibitors, it is obvious that this year's the only trade fair in the field of decorations and gifts in the Czech Republic will see an increased interest of companies in the presentation of this event. The occupancy of two new exhibition halls 3 and 4 is over 60% to date, and many permanent and significant exhibitors are increasing their exposure...


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